Flowers Same Day Guide to Flowers

When your Same Day Flowers arrive we guarantee their freshness, and with good care you can make your flowers last. Here are some tips from your Florists Same Day to help make your flowers last as long as possible. When you want to keep your Flowers Same Day arrangements looking beautiful it’s important to look after them the way they deserve. When flowers delivered to you are in gift wrapping, to preserve the fantastic freshness and quality of your fresh flowers our Florists Same Day advise you to remove this gift wrapping and any excess greenery on your flowers before putting them into water. It is recommended that you remove this after your flower delivery from Flower Delivery Same Day as greenery left in water will rot. Using a clean container put your flowers in lukewarm water with flower food which will be provided by us at Flowers Same Day. Before doing this our Florists Same Day recommend that you cut a few centimetres off of the bottom of each stem at a diagonal angle as by cutting your flowers at a diagonal angle the stem is exposed to more water, meaning the water vessels can absorb more water and your flowers will stay looking healthy and lasting as long as possible. Where you put your Flowers Same Day arrangements and bouquets is important too so do not place your flowers in an environment that is too hot or too cold. A cool room away from direct sunlight is the ideal setting to maintain the beauty and longevity of your flowers from Flower Delivery Same Day. For further details and information on how to keep your flowers as fresh as possible you can call our Florists Same Day and make any enquiries about your flower delivery and our florists will be able to offer you all the advice you need.

Guide to Flowers Same Day Florists

Before your flowers arrive with you the team here at Flowers Same Day will take the greatest of care with them at every step along the way. We make sure that all of your flowers are of the highest quality, importing them to us directly from Holland to ensure the freshness of everything you order from our Florists Same Day. We make sure that your flowers arrive with you in perfect condition, our Flowers Same Day drivers carefully taking them exactly where you need them to go and looking their best for your recipient to enjoy. It is also important to make sure that your flowers always have enough water and that it is clean so check the vase into which you put your arrangement created by our Florists Same Day every now and again and change it if it looks cloudy or dirty. If your roses begin to wilt you can revive them by cutting the stems again and putting them into cold water since all your Flowers Same Day arrangements need to give them a longer life is a little tender loving care. We look after your flowers carefully while they are with us here at Flower Delivery Same Day to ensure them a longer lifespan and greater freshness so your recipients are always delighted with what they receive. Our professional and passionate Florists Same Day will be able to help with any queries you have about caring for the flowers and plants we deliver. If you are at all unsure about what to do just contact us here at Flowers Same Day and we will point you in the right direction when it comes to looking after your beautiful arrangements, whichever flowers have been included in them.